Home Alarm. Build your own security system at home


I would like to present you Home Alarm, a new AppDeamon application that I have been working on these days. To run it you just need some window/door or motion sensors and a media player such us Alexa or Google Home between others.

The aim of the application is that when the safe mode of your home is activated and one of the sensors detects presence, then the user can configure different alerts to notify the alarm to them i.e. through media player or phone notifications.

You can find the intregration in HACS and install it to your HA.
You can check the full project from here.

I hope this is useful for you and let me know if I can help you :slight_smile:


Hi @crserran,

Welcome to the community forum and thank you for sharing your project in here :slight_smile: I see myself using this in the future once I get some door sensors for my house.

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Nice plugin and really like it (Y). maybe add also PIR sensor detection alert.

Hi @Pahkel,

PIR work as a binary sensor normally, so it can be included in the list of sensors together with windows & doors sensors. In fact, this is how I use this AppDaemon app, with a PIR sensor near my door, and it works like a charm. I haven’t had any problems with it.

I hope this helps,
Xavi M.

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Hi @crserran,
Thank for your post.
I was very interested by your project and I built it, but with an ESP32devkit v4 and PN532 (elechouse) How do I change the code to make this work ?

I would like to try it. I installed with HACS and the same as your example I wrote a ‘home_alarm’ yaml rows to the configuration.yaml.
When I checked the configuration, the message: ‘Integration error: home_alarm - Integration ‘home_alarm’ not found.’
What is the wrong?

Hi @Oregsas ,

Would you mind sharing the configuration as well as a bit more of the logs from AppDaemon?

Xavi M.

I try it, unfortunatelly I am a blind man…:frowning: a bit everything is harder.
When I found it?

module: home_alarm
class: HomeAlarm
- binary_sensor.ablak_konyvtar_nyugat
- binary_sensor.ablak_konyvtar_kelet
safe_mode: input_boolean.riasztasi_mod
- id: media_player
sound: amzn_sfx_scifi_alarm_04
loop_delay: 4
- media_player.library_player
- id: notifier
- notify.notify

Configuration can be found in /config/appdaemons/apps/apps.yaml

The AppDaemon logs can be found in the AppDaemon addon. Then, click on logs, you will see a Refresh button and the logs.