Home Alarm System (Wyze) and HA

The sole reason I endeavored to try HA was due to the ability to receive signals from the small door/motion sensors that Wyze makes via a bluetooth dongle that is plugged into my Pi. Here is the big reveal, after struggling with the reliability of the integration (2/daily pi reboots required) and the sensors themselves (stop working with a full battery) for over a year now, I wish I had know this information a year ago and at this point I could have paid 2 or 3 times to cost to have someone run alarm wires in my house. I have since dumped wyze and utilize an ESP D1 mini with a 433mhz receiver and also an ESPNOW (faster than wifi) receiver. 433mhz sensors are easy to find, not too expensive and have long battery life, longer than Wyze or Shelly (sensors). I had already written my own alarm system program before HA, but still use HA to see how long it has been since a sensor was active and also the LIPO battery level of the remote D1 minis I use. So I would say to anyone planning an alarm system this: a) Just run GD wires and/or b) Use 433mhz sensors and a esp8266 based receiver. I hope that helps someone.