Home Assistant 0.110.0 - Google trouble reaching DNS

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Hi All

Ever since upgrading to 0.110.0 google is having trouble reaching the domain to the house. When you ask google to do a task it takes a while to query and then eventually says:

“Sorry, i couldnt reach [Project Name]”


“Sorry, it looks like [Project Name] is unavailable right now”

I have set the external and internal url, i have enabled testing again in google console.

Im not sure what the problem could be, it used to work fine the previous version with no hiccups.


Maybe because your link before was https://subdomain.duckdns.org:8123 and now after upgrading is https://subdomain.duckdns.org, if this is the case you need to go to console.actions.google.com, edit the project and change the links under Account Linking and Acctions. If this is not the case then check if you can open the https://subdomain.duckdns.org from outside your network.