Home Assistant 0.110.4 & ESPHome

Is there a reason that i cant work out how to get ESPHome as an addon?

I can see it as an integration, but it asks for the node name etc, but i havent got that far yet?
I need the ESPHome to flash the board?
Am i missing something, please help, someone?

Thanks, Dan

Maybe i need to add that i’m running home assistant on unraid using a docker?

Home assistant container does not support addons.

You will have to run ESPHome via one of the other methods to flash a board.

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Juan M Tech has a great walkthrough on ESPHome if youre a newbie like me. Google Juan M Tech and ESPHOME

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I seems you already have ESPHome installed. For everyone else it’s either
pip install esphome or docker pull esphome/esphome

In the beginning I ran ESPHome in the same Python virtual environment as Home Assistant. I now mostly run it on Windows Docker. There is no need for an add-on.

Note that the ESPHome documentation is not up to date. There is a docker version for Pi: esphome-armv7 and the ESPHome dashboard does run on the Window Docker port 6052.

After you compile your first node, you will have the option to download the bin file. Then you can load the ESP with ESPHome-Flasher https://github.com/esphome/esphome-flasher/releases

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