Home Assistant Add-on: HyperHDR

Anyone getting this error?

Failed to call service script/hyperhdr. [Errno 113] Host is unreachable.

When I disable and then enable it again it works few hours and then again unrachable.
Also when deleting and adding integration again helps to work a few hours.

I have installed add-on , it started, linked with wled strip, effects and colors are working . Installed Hyperion grabber app on Nvidia shield(android box). How to select source from grabber ap? Only auto settling available for usb grabber. I’m not sure that app starts properly, just give option to start and then disappears. On mobile version app there seems to be some options to specify server but it still fails to connect. Is there different apps for Hyperion and Hyperhdr?

Well it looks like Hyperion android apps doesn’t work with Hyperhdr.
I installed Hyperhdr on windows and it didn’t work with apps, when I installed Hyperion, app connected straight away but didn’t send screen capture. Setting message priority to 150 and it works!

So is there any screen grabber android apps available for Hyperhdr?

Hyperion Android Grabber worked for me with HyperHDR last time I checked. It’s been a while since I last checked however. I’ll do another test and report

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Grabber actually works with HyperHDR, port is disabled by default, after enabling it in HyperHDR, grabber connected successfully.

Does it work with higher than 4k30hz with HDR, DolbyVision?

I have tested EZ-SP12H2 and EZ-SP12H2PRO but they both not capable to do HDR, DV higher than 30hz.

Ahh that’s a good question, I honestly haven’t tested anything higher than 30!

When is V20 coming to home assistant?

Well, beta 1 is still the latest version of the 20 branch. RC1 is supposed to be released soon. But nobody knows I guess.

Sorry for the noob question, but I am a bit confused about what this actually does. If I have the HA Green from Nabu Casa, does it allow me to run HyperHDR on that device without the need for a RPi, or is this just designed so that you can run HA and HyperHDR on the same RPi device?

I think that’s possible but you need a led driver to control the ledstrip. I’ve seen people using esp modules.

Pretty sure the answer is yes.
I do run my HA from a pi4 (currently) but I do not see why this would be an issue as that device does have USBs.

I use WS2812B without the level shifter (woops) or WLED. Just plugged in to raspberry pi. I cant adjust brightness for some reason. Anyone with pointers?

I have ordered a level shifter and I a few spare ESP32 at home, just need to wait for shipment from China… :slight_smile: