Home Assistant Add-On: Sharry

Home Assistant Add-on: Sharry

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Sharry allows to share files with others in a simple way. It is a self-hosted web application. The basic concept is: upload files and get a url back that can then be shared.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the add add-on repository dialogwith a specific repository URL pre-filled. Open your Home Assistant instance and show the dashboard of a Supervisor add-on.


This addon allows for quick and easy file sharing. You drag and drop files in and get a link you can share with anyone. And you can create & share spaces others can use to share files you. Anyone with a share link can get to it but only authenticated users can make new share links. And URLs are hard to guess so users can control who has access. It also has some nice features like resumable file uploads and gallery display for photos and videos.

How do I use it?

The main prerequisite is to have a database available for Sharry to store its data in. The add-on does not contain a database, it looks for an existing one.

The easiest way to satisfy this dependency is to install the MariaDB add-on. If that is installed you don’t need to configure anything else, this add-on will make a new database and store its application data in there.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the dashboard of a Supervisor add-on.

If you don’t have this add-on installed or would prefer Sharry use a different database that works as well. The documentation describes how to set that up.

Other then that the addon is essentially install and go. You need to put in a value for server_secret in the config but generally that’s it. Although there are more advanced options for tweaking Sharry if you need them, see the docs for more details.

Where’s ‘show in sidebar’?

This addon cannot support ingress at this time. It has its own authentication mechanisms and currently does not support proxy-based authentication, an ingress requirement. This means you have to open it as a normal web application in its own tab or use iframe panel integration to make a navigation option.

However you don’t need to register users to use it. By default Sharry is set up to authenticate with HA. So that means you can just start it up and log in with your HA credentials. User registration and all other login mechanisms are disabled by default but there is instructions in the docs if you want to allow users to create accounts with Sharry directly.


If you need help you can:

  • Comment here
  • Open an issue in the repository
  • Ask for help in the #add-ons channel of the HA discord (I’m CentralCommand#0913 there).