Home Assistant Add-on: Snapdrop

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Hi All,

For my first go at a Home Asssitant Addon, I created a repository with a Snapdrop Addon.

Snapdrop is a clone of AirDrop written to work in a web browser and using web sockets and WebRTC to transmit and recieve files on the same local IP subnet (i.e. 192.168.1.x). All machines must access snapdrop from the Home Assistant interface for them to talk using this addon.

Here is a demo of what it looks like within Home Assistant:

To install the addon, you need to go into supervisor -> Addons -> Add Repository and then put in https://github.com/deftdawg/homeassistant-addons

Then you’ll need to select snapdrop from the Addons page when it appears, install it, start it and set it to show on side panel.