Home Assistant addon : webtrees (genealogy software)

Home assistant add-on: Webtrees

Supports aarch64 Architecture Supports amd64 Architecture Supports armhf Architecture Supports armv7 Architecture
Supports smb mounts


webtrees is the web’s leading online collaborative genealogy application.

It works from standard GEDCOM files, and is therefore compatible with every major desktop application.
It aims to to be efficient and effective by using the right combination of third-party tools, design techniques and open standards.
webtrees allows you to view and edit your genealogy on your website. It has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, and supports imedia such as photos and document images. As an online program, it fosters extended family participation and good ancestral recording habits, as it simplifies the process of collaborating with others working on your family lines. Your latest information is always on your web site and available for others to see, defined by viewing rules you set. For more information and to see working demos, visit webtrees.net.

This addon is based on the docker image https://github.com/NathanVaughn/webtrees-docker


The installation of this add-on is pretty straightforward and not different in comparison to installing any other add-on.

  1. Add my add-ons repository to your home assistant instance (in supervisor addons store at top right, or click button below if you have configured my HA)
    Open your Home Assistant instance and show the add add-on repository dialog with a specific repository URL pre-filled.
  2. Install this add-on.
  3. Click the Save button to store your configuration.
  4. Set the add-on options to your preferences
  5. Start the add-on.
  6. Check the logs of the add-on to see if everything went well.
  7. Open the webUI and adapt the software options


Webui can be found at http://your-ip:PORT.
The default username/password : described in the startup log.
Please change it as soon as possible.
Configurations can be done through the app webUI, except for the following options

    "LANG": "en-US" # Default language for webtrees
    "BASE_URL": "" # The url with which you access webtrees
    "DB_TYPE": "sqlite" # Your database type : sqlite for automatic configuration, or external for manual config


Create an issue on github


New features : auto database connection with mariadb addon, switch to webtrees 2.1