Home Assistant - AdGuard Home - UniFi VLANs

I’m encountering an issue where AdGuard only functions properly on the network/VLAN where Home Assistant is located, but not on my other VLANs, such as my main LAN. I’ve configured a static IP for Home Assistant both in UniFi and within the Home Assistant settings. Additionally, I’ve set my WAN DNS server to Home Assistant and configured individual network DNS servers to point to Home Assistant. However, AdGuard is only effective on the VLAN where Home Assistant resides, despite Home Assistant having access across all VLANs. There are firewall rules in place blocking inter-VLAN communication, but Home Assistant has been granted access across all VLANs. Any insights on resolving this issue would be appreciated.

Showing only clients within the VLAN are picking up AdGuard:

Home Assistant Static IP Setting:

AdGuard Setup Guide:

UniFi WAN DNS Settings:

UniFi LAN DNS Setting for my main LAN (same for the LAN)

Example of iPhone picking up the DNS but no ads are getting blocked. iPhone has an IP within the main LAN:

Did you every figure this out? I’m in the same boat.