Home Assistant after 2021.3.4 lost icons Supervisor section

Hello all,

I am looking for some help. I have cleared cache, closed Chrome, rebooted laptop, tried in a different browser, tried on a completely different device, yet still the same issue, all in the Supervisor Section.
Here some screenshots:

Above the Supervisor first tab, no icons in the top

Above Supervisor 4th tab, see the missing icons

Above one of the addon sites with this error. (I know from the Supervisor section, Dashboard)

Again, I sure hope someone is willing to help, perhaps with a big smile, since I might miss something in my search. My test environment, different instance, is showing everything perfect, including the right icons.

Change your theme and see if the icons appear.

@petro thank you for your time and reply!
Tried several themes and rebooted several time, unfortunately no success.
Hopefully some other advice, tips?