Home Assistant always restarts

Hi, I have Home Assistant v. 2024.4.4 on Raspberry Pi 3. I rebooted it manually and now the system doesn’t boot anymore, it keeps restarting over and over again after some minute.
I don’t see any error in home-assistant.log.
I tried manually remove all custom integrations with no resultion.
How do I check what the problem is? Is there a specific log file?

Did you already try booting Home Assistant in Safe Mode?
What did you do between the manual restart and the previous restart?

I tried, but I get an error like “Home Assistant is starting, cannot restart in safe-mode”.

I was trying to install an integration (GitHub - jwillemsen/daikin_onecta: Home Assistant Integration for devices supported by the Daikin Onecta App), so I copied files in custom_component and I restarted homeassistant.

Have you looked in home-assistant.log.1? That’s the file that would keep the errors, the home-assistant.log is after you’ve rebooted.

No backups?

Tried a fresh installation restoring old backups, same problem.
Suspecting an hardware problem

Are you running the SD Card or an SSD drive?

SD Card .Tried to install everything on a new one. Same problems

No errors there

With no error logs and a lesser chance of it being your drive since you have replaced it, that doesn’t leave much to go on other than some custom integration is causing the problem.

If it were me I would SSH to that system and ha core stop to stop the rebooting, then move all custom components elsewhere and ha core start to see if the madness stops, then just add one or two back at a time (or if you have a lot then do it in batches) until it starts to freak out again, hopefully pinpointing your problem.

I’ve read quite a few things on here that rPi 3 + OS 12.3 has issues and that rolling back to OS 12.2 has solved them. I don’t know if that is your case but it might be worth a try.

If you cannot SSH then you are in a bit of a pickle because you don’t have a lot you can do to diagnose this.

I assume you’ve hooked up a keyboard and monitor to your rPi to see if the console is reporting problems?

It was the Conbee 2 pen. I stopped the core with SSH, removed the Conbee 2, then restart HA.
Once restarted I just plug ConBee again, now everything works fine.