Home Assistant and Apple Carplay

I have a script that I use to open the gate to my parking place at my house. I now bought a new car with Apple Carplay and I want to add a button to the Apple Carplay screen that runs my script. Is there any video or article that shows how this is done? I assume its via the Apple integration and Homekit but I dont know how to create a card in HomeKit that runs my script as a service. Any suggesiton is appreciated

You can supposedly use Siri from a CarPlay screen to perform HomeKit functions.


I have to ask why not just use an HA automation that’s triggered by the arrival home of your iPhone? We’re talking home AUTOMATION after all!

I have a HomeKit automation set to flip a HA input boolean (like a dummy switch) whenever my iPhone arrives home, which triggers a HA automation that unlocks the front door and turns on the outside lights for 5 minutes. Never even have to tap a button, and our OCD psycho dog is drawn to the sound of the door unlocking in the event that someone steals my phone and tries to get into the house…

This is why I would never automate my garage door. I enjoy walking every evening and if I was to do this, my garage door would open when I reach the edge of the zone and be open until I arrive. Or perhaps I am arriving home after work and pass thru the zone to go to a store. I was once 200 miles from home and got a notification that I had arrived home. I am ok with automating door locks, just not my rollup doors.


For the first use case, you can also add a condition that your iPhone activity is driving. I’m sure there are similar solutions for the second use case.

When I walk to the store and come back, I dont want the 1000 kg gate to open up

I often come home via Taxi from the airport and also would not like the gate to open up. I really just want to press a button to activate my already working script