Home Assistant and aquariums / fish rooms (Discord)

(I checked with a mod before sharing a Discord link here)

A lot of my recent focus on Home Assistant has been around learning how to build my own sensors with ESP8266 / ESP32 boards, pushing to HA via Tasmota integration, and logging in InfluxDB, etc. I’m taking on kind of a big project with friends that means each of us is creating a large-ish centralized aquaculture system in our homes and using tools like what I mentioned to monitor & automate the habitats for the fish we keep (which are often critically endangered species and worth some extra care).

Those of us who are enthusiasts in the automation space have enjoyed some shared nerding and noodling on how to solve common problems in this space, and so we’ve created a Discord just for focusing on automating aquariums and aquaculture systems. If this niche topic sounds like something you’d like to participate in, please consider joining the bionic fishroom.

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