Home Assistant and Lightwave RF Dimmers

In my house I have 4 x Lamps Controlled with Lightwave RF Dimmer Sockets, 1 x Main Light controlled with Lightwave RF Wall Dimmer Switch and a Lightwave RF Wifi Hub.

My question is has anyone at all here managed to control Lightwave RF devices from HA?

I’ve heard about a RFX controller that might do it, but if my Amazon Echo can send signals to my Wifi Link controller, why can’t HA?

The Wifi Link exposes a Rest API, which documentation can be requested from Lightwave for - and while it’s not the fastest at responding to commands it would certainly be cool to get working!

I’ve seen some mention of folk across the internet having some success, including the guy in the second to last post on this Google Groups thread:


Is anyone using something similar, or any other 3rd party solutions to achieve this?

I have my WifiLink controlled by home asssitant. I wrote a component for home assistant. It’s not perfect, but I’d be happy to share the code if it helps.