Home assistant and Ring alarm

I have a new Ring alarm system up and running that uses z-wave
I have a home assistant with a z-wave USB key.
I have not run home assistant since installing the Ring security system.
My concern is that the two z-wave systems would interfere with each other, is this true?
Or I could run them at the same time, has anybody tried this before?
Thanks for the advice!

If this helps at all… I’m running a single HA with 2 wink hubs simultaneously. I only have to be careful about which hub I select when pairing a particular device.

Thanks, how can you select which hub to pair it with, is it just the one that is the closest?

When I fire up my Wink app it says; You have two hubs, now pick one…

But do you have a z-wave stick on ha or you just use it to connect to the two hubs?

I’m using Wink I hubs… they are completely wireless and just talk through my wifi router.

Bear with me please…
1 PI3 running HA hard ethernet wired to my wifi/hub/internet-router. wifi between hub/router and each wink hub. All devices talk 2.4ghz wifi to hub/router. Those devices that are z-wave talk to individually paired wink hub where wink hub relays communication to main hub/router.

Ok, got it, thanks!

I ran two Z wave systems for a few months when migrating from SmartThings to HomeAssistant. The RPi3 and ST hub were about 1 ft from each other. I never saw any issues. You just need a strong enough mesh for each network to work.

Thanks for the info, I will give it a try

Does the HA recognize the sensors from the RIng Alarm System? Can a door/window sensor communicate with both devices?
I have HA on RPi3 connected to the router via ethernet. I have the Ring Alarm system. Want to know if there’s a way to integrate the two.


Any info on the above will be very helpful. Thanks

I have the ring security system and the HA pi right next to each other everything works great. I have like 20 zwave devices. Then the ring stuff.

That’s good news.
I have been super busy at work and didn’t have time to do any test, but last weekend I did restart home assistant and connected a couple of zwave outlets and a plug and everything was working .
I really don’t think there is a way to merge the Ring devices with the home assistant zwave network though.