Home Assistant Android app disconnecting regularly?

I use the Home Assistant mobile app on Android. It has usually been quite reliable. But during this month, when I open the app, it is disconnected, and gets stuck just popping up the reconnecting message over and over. If I close the app for real (swipe up from the botom of screen, and then swipe the app up to remove it), then open it again, it connects fine immediately. It is like there is some sort of memory corruption when it is running in the background? It is the latest version according to the play store.

Any thoughts on what I can do to fix or even diagnose this disconnection issue?


I am having also a similar issue and i might have a error log regarding to this. Can you check if you have similar message?

client unable to keep up with pending messages. reached 4096 pending messages.

I went into Settings > System > Logs, and searched for that message and found nothing like that. Is that the log you mention?

Further to this, if this is in regards to messages sent from Home Assistant to the mobile device, I do have some messages configured in both HA Automations, and Node-Red, and I have previously sent at a rate of a few every 5 minutes at worst case.


This message is about android app’s websocket connection to home assistant server and respective connection is being dropped because the app could not (did not) process waiting messages and it reached a limit (4k).

Client means android app here.

I’m seeing this too, since the update to 2023.6. Using the companion app on Android 12. Very reliable beforehand, and I see those pending messages in the log quite often.

More annoyingly though, I use fullykiosk on a hallway tablet, and use a custom sidebar for this dashboard, and it is currently running very slowly and is failing to correctly render the dashboard more often that not. Definitely something changed here with 2023.6 but I’m not sure what.

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I think, it is because of Android app, not the home assistant core, but might be wrong

I also see this a lot when reopening the app.

Here’s a post I created a while ago with the same issue:

There’s also a GitHub issue that would probably be worth posting on to try and get the developers’ attention:

I finally got sick of closing/reopening the app every time and just rolled back to 2023.5.4.


I know this might me an old thread but this is working for me so far.

I run HAOS in a Proxmox vm

I was having an issue where the app kept losing connection and many of my devices started not working correctly. I had to keep closing and reloading the app and when it did get into the home assistant it loses connecting after a short while.

Well this finally pissed me off enough and I went into proxmox to see what was happening. I watched the vm resources as the HAOS booted and saw the memory and cpu pinning.

I upgraded to 8gb of ram and 4 cores to the HAOS VM and everything seems to be working atm.
it was originally 2 core and 4 gb ram

I hope this helps somone.