Home Assistant Android app?

I use HA on android as a Chrome webpage, but I think is needed something like an easy to build dashboard within an app (like Domoticz).
The TOP would be in addition having the app build automation based on easy input from user (like Xiaomi MiHome app)

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but I find that, on Android, Home Assistant behaves more like an app if you use Chrome’s “add to home screen”.

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Personally, what I’d wish from an app and what a website currently can’t do:

  1. I have Basic Auth set up via an nginx proxy. The website regularly asks me for my credentials. Even though it’s prefilled, I’d love to have an app where I don’t need to enter anything or where I can enter using my fingerprint.
  2. Widgets and shortcuts for my home screen. I’d love to simply trigger things without having to setup any other apps which send REST calls.
  3. I don’t know if this is intended, but lots of things could be made easier. I’m thinking of built in components for push notifications to HA apps, watching the geolocation and some other stuff which is not only relevant for the app, but for the whole platform.

Lastly, I think that the whole HA system could benefit alone having an app in the app store. People love apps and especially for home automation etc. they perhaps go for a platform which has an app. Even if it’s more or less a web app.

I’d have no problem with the current web app being bundled via Cordova or so, making it very easy to add the integration into the Android platform.


I know its not for everyone (cloud dependent, etc), but the HMTL5 notify platform does this pretty well.

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I use that already

My setup is similar - basic auth through nginx. I’d love to have an app that stores the credentials and logs in through fingerprint.

I use now HTTP Shortcut, which is great, but it would be good to have the app handle that (with a wifget or AUTOMATICALLY creating a desktop shortcut, like xiaomi mihome app)

This would be a killer feature

Agreed on the widgets, it would be nice to have sensor badges on my home screen. Maybe even a switch…

Since HA exist API https://home-assistant.io/developers/api/ we can build app with it (like iOS app). But build an app with complete feature like the web will take much time. But the native Android app will provide more benefit like: widget, background service (can use for location track), push and notification.
But only build an Android app with specific widget or service will not take much time. Like button widget, switch widget, weather information, and just use web view for other part. I can help if anyone start building this with Java.

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I would love to have sensor values

Yes please

For widgets and notification you can also use ifttt Android app to create yours and call ha API, no ?

can you give me an example for a sensor (value)?

I would love an andriod app as that is what I use but the problem becomes the consistency between apps. You would want a consistent feel between apps. I am not saying the ios app isn’t great as I have it on the wife’s phone. The only way I see doing this is to use a c+, or Javascript and building an app for all three platforms at once. Just my two cents.

I use IFTTT for switches widget, not sensors
Did you try this kind of app :

EDIT : My bad, think it’s a wrong way. I do not use many sensors and only for automations…

for switches (and script, light, automation) you should use http shortcut, I think is much better then IFTTT.

What I need is sensor

don’t understand much, but maybe the app is good?

How would be a request url for getting a sensor value?

It’s not usable in widget (too much info)

and you would do GET or POST?

with POST I receive error 400
with GET I receive executed, but no value displayed