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Home Assistant Android app?


I am an Android/IOS dev and i refer native app for iOS/Android, not html5, reactive. I will try some basic feature when i have time.

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Widgets for sensor values would be cool




it is “safe”?



Why ios has app and android dont?Will be nice tod have the tracker, push notifications, and a good ui

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HomeAssist is now open source.

So we can say we have an app that can become easily official.



Homeassist last update was in february…hope foto updates with themes, notification, etc



I’m very new to home assistant. (Think in terms of hours, just started this afternoon) I have the basic app up and going and I downloaded this “HomeAssist” Android app but haven’t been able to get it to work. I am using the duckdns url that I created. Has anyone else used this app with a duckdns url?



Yes I have no problem with the duckdns url. What EXACT url did you enter? (leave your subdomain as xxx if you like).



Hi! Thanks for following up. I figured it out. I was putting the slashes backwards. Whoops, dyslexia got the best of me! :grin:



I recently switched from Android to iOS, and really liked the iOS companion App. It is very easy to implement for Android, beacuse it simply uses a webview to show the website. I will try it out, without notifications and positioning (at the beginning)



That would be great,



+1 I just went the other way and miss the iOS app (mostly the notifications)



Fyi there is now a fork that includes notifications

Thanks to @Crewski



Who is working on the Android app. Lots of open issues but guessing top ones would be:

  1. Lovelace / UI update
  2. New Auth platform
  3. Tracking/ other local phone usage
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I vote for an specific android app only in order to have a really reliable, easy-to-use, and low-battery kind of device tracker.

Presence of people is probably the more important thing for home (and outside) automation, and seems to be demostrated that polling methods from HA host are all rather unreliable (I have tried ping, snmp, nmap, BT_tracker, etc. and I had allways false reports).

The best way for detect/track family people today is probably the mobile, that moreover has the best usability to define zones.

So the method to track people has to be an active app tha report position, zone, etc. to the HA system (not the opposite). The best aproximation for me has been gps-logger, but its no have the intelligence I was demanding (i.e. dont track gps at home, increase polling frequency when near home, etc, integrations of zones defined in HA, etc.)

Its only an idea, but with this, i.e. we could define HA zones from mobile, and available for all people in the family.

I am working on a first aproximatio with api device_tracker.see service, and maybe I could report a first aproximation in “share projects” section.

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i avoided using gps on mobile devices as it eats battery. So sacrificing zone usage.

I used WiFi + bluetooth which has worked without issue since installation (until the phone battery dies).
WiFi using Eero custom component, and UniFi (tried both) work very well. Had less success with Netgear.



Yeah, there are a handful of features that the iOS app has that just isn’t possible without making things more complicated than they need to be. A Native android app is definitely needed. There are 3rd party options out there, maybe one of them just need chosen to be made official and get some better support



Would love a native android app just so I could use a couple of widgets to open doors and switch on lights without having to load up the entire HA interface.