Home Assistant app iPhone background updates?

I’m new to home assistant but can’t seem to find a great answer to this.

I’ve got the home assistant app on my iPhone. But it seems it doesn’t update things like battery state unless the app is open. Is this just a limitation? Or is there a way to make this work?

Send the same with location. Even though I have location Permission to “always”.

It should work in the background. Do iPhones have battery saving features like Android?

They do, yes. I’m wondering if maybe the app is force closed -? It won’t work. Or if the phone is restarted and I don’t open the app?

But I’m pretty sure I don’t see phone battery levels on my dashboard unless I open yet app. I test some more. Maybe I’m wrong.

This is a common problem with Android - partly because there are so many different flavours.

I’m on iPhone. And it seems it just stops updating sometimes. Even though location is set to always. I know battery info might not be related to location. But just hopes it would report all the time.