Home Assistant App on iPad (Permanently on)


I run the home assistant app on an ipad air running IOS - the ipad is permanently on power and used as an always on touchscreen with a dashboard to view cameras and some switches for the gate and garage.

However after a number of hours the dashboard becomes stale and has to be manually refreshed to display the latest camera feed and for the switches to start working again.

Background refresh is enabled on the ipad, Is there anything else I can check for why the dashboard will stop refreshing?

Camera’s are set to live as well


Have you tried clicking on your name in the lower left and checking the setting to close the connection for whatever user is logged into that tablet? My guess is that this is your issue as it is for many folks asking this question (including myself at one point).


Thanks so much!


I have changed this option but the dashboard still seems to go “stale” after a number of hours

Anything else I am missing?


After a few days and playing around with different settings, it seems there is no getting around the app timing out, camera stop refreshing and it basically means you cant use it for an always on dashboard. If anyone has any ideas please help!!!

I run several wall mounted tablets around my house (FireHD 10) running Fully Kiosk and have that setting disabled and have no problems. The cameras on the tablet work constantly and the tablets stay refreshed. I also use Browser Mod on the dashboards and force it to force a reload every few hours as well just as a precaution but it’s not totally needed in reality.

Worth pointing out that the WebSocket connection shows as “Disconnected” under the Companion App settings when this occurs. Tapping on that menu item attempts to reconnect but the app never manages to reconnect until you restart the app.

FWIW, I’ve been had similar issues. I just created an automation to force refresh the tablets every 6 hours using browsermod (it’s a service under the add on). It also returns each tablet to the default screen it is supposed to be on (ie, kitchen for the kitchen ipad, living room for the etc….). Seems to be working so far.