Home Assistant Architecture

Dear all,

We are two students from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and are working on a project trying to document the software architecture of several open source projects. We are trying to see which abstraction levels these different open source projects have and which they are missing. The method we are using to model these architectures is the C4 model (https://c4model.com/).

Would some people be able to look at this proposed architecture and answer some questions?
These pictures have three different levels of architecture, where the 1st level is the most general architecture and the third level is focused on the core architecture of Home Assistant.

  • Do our constructed diagrams represent the system architecture well?
  • Are there any systems, containers, components or relationships missing?
  • What elements might need to be removed or changed?
  • Do you think these architecture model might help contributors understand the architecture of Home Assistant?

(This is a merged picture, consisting of three different pictures and levels)

This link has all the pictures separately

Thanks so much in advance!

We found that architecture model, however it is scattered and still unclear as to how Home Assistant functions in one overview.

what sort of event bus ha use internaly ?

i found… database table…