Home Assistant article on Wikipedia - Please help improve it so it doesn't get deleted

Created an article for Home Assistant on Wikipedia just as a stub to get it started since there was none.

Please help to add third-party references for notability or it could be removed, think news not blogs first.

If not more independent references are added to prove notability then it is a risk that article is removed.


State of the Octoverse 2019 would be nice, mentioning HA in the top 10 open source projects. I just have trouble finding a decent link.

I think this : https://octoverse.github.com/

Here are some more external links:


Thanks for doing this @Gamester17

There’s a Media Coverage section on the Help page, but it hasn’t really been actively maintained in the last two years. That page also lists some talks and workshops on it, maybe there’s some things you can use there.

Minor grammar corrections (though I’m no expert):

Home Assistant is free and open-source home automation software written in Python with a focus on local-control, security and privacy. It is deployed on-site and uses integrations to connect to third party devices and services. As of May 2020, over 1600 integrations are available.

“on-site” avoids the confusion cause by “on-permises

noun: premise ; plural noun: premises ; noun: premiss ; plural noun: premisses

  1. Logic
    a previous statement or proposition from which another is inferred or follows as a conclusion.
    “if the premise is true, then the conclusion must be true”
  • an assertion or proposition which forms the basis for a work or theory.
    “the fundamental premise of the report”
    • premiss
      verb: premise ; 3rd person present: premises ; past tense: premised ; past participle: premised ; gerund or present participle: premising
  1. base an argument, theory, or undertaking on.

premises . : inside a building or on the area

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Errr !

" What’s An Integration ? " - You just know, someone’s gonna ask !

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Also want help making the article read less like a list of features or a service brochure, and/or it will fail


As it needs to sound like independently written + differentiate itself from other products in the industry.

So far I basically just copied the existing OpenHAB article to create an initial stub just to get it started.

…and as is a wiki so anyone here can easily and quickly change anything or everything yourself :wink:

Wikipedia does not even necessarily need login to edit as long as you pass captcha tests :smiley:

Cool! I have now added most of those links to the Wikipedia article as references.

Yes that was exactly my initial first thought. (I sometimes still question whether I know :wink: )

How about (only as a starter for discussion) instead of:

As of May 2020, over to 1600 integrations are available as integration components.

something like,

As of May 2020, it is possible to connect to and integrate with over to 1600 external public and commercial services and products.

Just a spelling misstake as “on-premises software” or "“on-prem” is correct terminology in this context.

I work in the industry and “On-site” is mostly only used to describe “On-site support” or “Onsite repair”

Good point! Have changed the wording + linked to “system integration” & “plug-in (computing)” articles.

But Home Assistant’s intergrations are not only for external public and commercial services / products.

Integrations can also be for direct attatched devices or locally running services.

Again, it’s imporant that articles doesn’t sound like feature-lists or self-promotion or they can be deleted.

Ok but there are other issues too.

Yes I agree that there deffinitly are many issues with it. It’s a wiki so anyone including yourself can edit it there directly on-the-fly. I for one will not take offence if you or somene else changes all of what I written so far.

I just wanted to put in something to start from that has enough independent references and do not violate their guidelines too much so that it will get deleted. Articles do not get deleted for bad spelling or grammar on Wikipedia.

The more people who edit the article on Wikipedia the better as that in itself also help proove notability and as long as their guidelines are not broken that will hopefully also make it read more as an independent written article.

So it should not just consists of too many lists of features and functions, and read somewhat as objective and fact-oriented, so not too posative or too negative.

Thumbs up for doing this