Home Assistant as Alarm transmitter?

Hi all,

While there is an integration for Home Assistant acting as SIA receiver via the SIA Alarm Systems integration I haven’t been able to find the opposite - the ability to have Home Assistant act as alarm transmitter to external alarm monitoring center.

Obviously it would be nice to be able to send to external actors via protocos such as SIA over IP and SOS Access v4 over IP, if one is to build a custom alarm system in Home Assistant while still have the pro’s of sending alarms to a professional external 24x7x365 actors. I’m hoping there already is an integration or addon I have missed?


I’ve been looking for this also. I am a professional alarm installer and would like the ability to report conditions from HA and not be tied to my actual alarm panel. I would think the only way to do this would be utilizing asterisk some how to push the signals into the central station receiver. If anyone else has interest in working on this with me let me know. I have the resources and hardware readily available. I can easily spin up a central station account for testing!