Home Assistant Blog with Nextcloud News RSS Reader


I am using Nextcloud with News as RSS Reader App.
Inside the App I have subscribed to HA Blog with URL https://www.home-assistant.io/atom.xml.

But the HA feed does not receive new posts after they are published. All other feeds are working fine for almost 2 years. The HA feed is the only one with this issue. When I delete the HA feed and add it as new, it shows me all available posts. Even the posts I havent seen before delete. But when new blog posts were published, I am not able to see them in Nextcloud.

Dont know if the error is caused by the Nextcloud News App or by HA Blog…
Is anyone else using Nextcloud News with HA Blog?

Works just fine. Thanks by the way for the link, couldn’t find the RSS feed before.