Home Assistant Blue - Download Speed Drops Permanently

My HomeAssistant Blue has been great for over a year, but the last couple of months, I’ve been having strange issues.
I believe I’ve narrowed it down now to some form of network issue.
I have an automation setup to alert me when the download speed drops low.
Usually it’s ~450mb, but about once a week or two, it drops down to ~5-8mb and doesn’t return back to ~450mb.

I have a nest router, with a 4 port switch, with HA and 3 other devices connected. I’m hesitant to blame my network setup, as I’ve never had a similar issue with the other devices on that switch which are also always on, and reliant on download speeds.


  • restarting the network/router/switch
  • unplugging the ethernet cable
  • restarting HA core
  • restarting HA supervisor

does not fix the download speed issue.

The only thing that fixes it is physically disconnecting the power cable to HA blue, and letting HA boot back up.

Would anyone know how I can pin down the cause? I’m not even sure what network layer to start at :thinking:

I don’t want to overload my post with too much info that might not be relevant, but perhaps good to share my network config (ipv6 disabled in HA and in my router):

And yes, I’ve always had the DHCP reservation for HA blue setup in my router.

Considering the network doesn’t totally drop, would I be wrong to think something else is up?
(I’ve replaced physical cables with new Cat6 which hasn’t solved it either)

Restarting the HA core does not restart addons, since they run in their own containers and they might be the issue here, so try to restart those one at a time to see.

Thanks @WallyR that’s news to me. I’ll test that next time it goes!