Home Assistant Blue: locked out

Received HA Blue today and completed the installation. The password for admin was generated and I forgot to save it. After changing the IP-address of the HA device to a static one, I am able to open the webpage but I cannot login anymore. Is there a way to reset Home Assistant Blue to it’s original state? Or can I do a console login (with default password perhaps) to execute the “auth reset” command?

Lost Owner Password

However, those instructions are useful only if you have access to Blue’s filesystem, either via ssh or Samba.

When I ssh (using PuTTY on Windows 10) to port 22, I get “Network error: Connection refused”

If you never installed the SSH & Web Terminal Add-on then there is no SSH service available on port 22.

There is a way to enable SSH on port 22222. The procedure requires several steps and they are described here:


After you have established ssh via port 22222, you can use Home Assistant’s CLI (Command Line Interface) to reset a user’s password. However, I am not sure it works for resetting an owner’s password.

Reset users password

I think you can better do a reinstall: ODROID - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

Here’s the first step in the re-installation process:

Attach the installation media (eMMC module/SD card) to your computer

I think it assumes the user has a means of connecting Blue’s eMMC module to a computer.


Found an alternative means: Flashing an ODROID-N2+

Sorry, yes it’s a bit more then that:
Common Tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)
Never done it myself though

As @123 says :slight_smile:

Is there a way to remove the Blue cover to get access to the eMMC module?

You directed your question to me but I am not the person who suggested re-flashing the eMMC. It was jrnhrmn who proposed it; you should ask them for re-installation advice.

The cover is definitely removable, as the blurb makes a feature of being able to flip it around to reveal or expose the ports. Can’t find any info on “how” its removed, so suspect just squeeze and tease and look for the trick.

It has 4 type M3 screws (2 on each side of the side panels) which can be removed with a tiny screwdriver. Managed to remove the cover to access the inner parts, and flashed it with a new image.

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So you just removed the cover, connected to PC, and used Etcher to flash the new image?

You have to set a switch on the device so it becomes visible as a drive in Etcher, as described here (2nd picture): Common Tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant

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