Home Assistant Blue PoE version

Are there any future plans for Home Assistant Blue PoE version? I really want to replace my Vera and this would be ideal to handle all zwave devices.


I replaced my Vera with Home Assistant and a z-wave dongle. While POE is nice, I believe the supply is 12v @ 2a so would need 24W+ POE port capability which I don’t believe all POE switches support.

More and more switches are supporting PoE+ (802.3at) which can deliver 22.5W to devices. That said, I’m not sure the ODroid requires a full 22.5W (it’s supposed to be a low power device), so you could probably get away with regular PoE. You’d need to get a PoE splitter (e.g., TP-Link PoE splitter supports user-selectable 5/9/12V DC power output). If you want 12V @ 2A, make sure your switch is PoE+ and then get a PoE splitter that supports 802.3af/at standard (I found one on Amazon).

Thanks @turtleboy133 for the info. Where I have it connected right now is using a UniFi US-8 switch which is powered by POE from my main POE switch. I am not sure I could put this on it via the POE splitter and get enough juice. I do have several of the POE splitters for Eth + micro USB, but not a barrel plug version.

Did my first test today with this adapter on my USW 16 PoE:

Blue is working fine for almost a day now