Home Assistant Blue purchase

I am trying to find an online store to buy the new Home Assistant Blue bundle in Europe (Spain). The stores referenced in the announcement are not valid for this shipment (at least for a reasonable price and/or without custom problems).

Anyone knows where to buy it?

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I have the same question. The first one in Sweden delivers internationally, however I was not able to go through the check out process. The other one seems to not ship outside Sweden.

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Same for me, at least one shop in the Euro zone would be nice.

I have also tried both the companies in Sweden, no option to buy internationally, even though one says you can.
It is disappointing, I am in the UK and unless i buy from the US or Korea, both of which say i am liable for the import tax i will be unable to buy.
I would have thought this would have been a no brainer.
Maybe this is what happens when a software company tries its hand at hardware…

With such a strong Dutch foundation in the team I’m very disappointed that there is no proper distribution in The Netherlands. :smile:


I am considering buying this but when it comes to around €200 with customs and import costs etc its too much!

Just bought one at Hardkernel.com. Offers the choice of plug, EU for me. Paid through Paypal, shipping some $15-20, all in all $158 or €130.

  • custom duties and taxes ?

I’ll just keep my fingers crossed… :slight_smile:

I hope you’re not in for an unpleasant surprise

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Is that the complete bundle? Can’t find it on the website.


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Out of stock :weary:

Taxes (BTW) is going to apply here. check:
So 21% over €130 = €27,30 taxes. Totals you around €160, not bad actually.

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Arent there extra costs too, for the “inklaring” by the “douane” ?

I have ordered a zillion photography equipment like strobes and tripods and stuff through aliexpress. Never had any issues.

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The Home Assistant Blue bundle from m.nu is being quoted at € 243.90 for Europe. I’ll pass on this, thank you.

WTH. I was more than happy to buy a Blue limited edition to help contribute and even to have something g cool looking. But just did my purchase from bauman and realised (i hadn’t converted the cost during the purchase like an idiot) it was 300USD?!?!?

How is this even justified. Will be cancelling my order!

Will there be a second batch? I wanted to order this morning and they were sold out. This is really unfortunate.

Just checked also, out of stock… :frowning: