Home Assistant Blue Reflash

Bought a Home Assistant Blue/ODroid N2+ for my first experience with a DIY Smart Home. I thoroughly jacked things up to the point of wanting to start this all over again. Using BalenaEtcher and the instructions found here: Common Tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant, I succeeded in reflashing the eMMC.

However, when I ADD NODE (a multi-sensor) from the “Manage Your Z-Wave Network”, the new/current installation recalls the Node number that the sensor was on in the last installation. I don’t understand how this is possible. I remember my Windows Visual Basic days and the need for Garbage Collection.

Is the entire file system (including data) for the Core, Supervisor, and Home Assistant in the /dev/mmcblk0 folder?

I would like to Linux-command, “rm *” all of it. That is, “nuke” everything but the Linux OS, and then reflash. As the administrator, I don’t want to destroy any OS files.

Can I just “nuke” the entire eMMC with an “rm” command in the root directory and then reflash? Will Linux protect system files from an administrator like me?

The Zwave network, including node IDs, are stored on the ZWave controller stick. Your fresh HA install will pull that network and node information back in from the stick. If you really want to restart everything from scratch, you will have to factory reset the ZWave stick too (and all connected devices too). But usually that’s not needed. What was your issue exactly that made you want to reset the network ?

I could not add new Z-Wave devices after I had added, re-interviewed, healed, removed, and re-added to the Z-Wave JS integration a few devices that did not appear to be working properly. Number 1, a Schlage lock, and 2 a couple entities on a few multi-sensor devices.

I will look into a reset of the USB stick.

I have a Nortek HUSBZB-1, but my Linux (Ubuntu) skills are embryonic, so I am trying this: [Guide] Nortek HUSBZB-1 NVM Backup/Restore and Updating Z-Wave Firmware - Developers - Hubitat.

I can’t get the Windows drivers installed before getting to the firmware upgrade. How typical of Windows: https://www.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/le2ey7/upgrade_husbzb1_firmware_via_windows. Back to some Docker/Ubuntu solution using the HA Blue. I’m absolutely clueless but need something to do. Baby steps Zippy, baby steps. Maybe I’ll just buy a new HUSBZB-1 or three for each of the Z-Wave Supervisor Add-ons. This hacker/workaround mentality is like chasing skirts.

What zwave addon are you using ? With zwavejs2mqtt, there’s a hard reset option under advanced settings. I’m not sure if something similar is available through the zwavejs integration in Home Assistant directly, as I don’t use it.

No need for multiple ZWave / Zigbee controller sticks. In fact that will only make things worse, as you can’t run multiple ZWave addons at the same time, they will interfere with each other. Make sure you only run a single one.

The UI for ZWaveJS2MQTT really improved. I’m working on trying it this time around. IFTTT looks interesting too, but now there is recurring subscription fee for more than 3 Applets.