Home Assistant Book to be released on Sept 15th 2023

Hi everyone,

I want to share the pre-release of my book titled: “Building Smart Home Automation Solutions with Home Assistant”.

You can pre-order the book right now at Amazon by following the link where you can find more information about it: https://a.co/d/b4a9zO7

Please help me to share the book pre-release with your contacts.

Thank you all!

Marco Carvalho


Nice idea :wink: may I suggest to distribute it as a book under GPL with donation as wished by readers ?
HA being an open source project it would be a good way to thank everyonge for making it such a great software :slight_smile:
(also don’t forget that not everyone is using Amazon or has access at it… I myself don’t use Amazon at all for good sense reasons !



$31.99 for the Kindle edition? :astonished: For something that will be out of date tomorrow? (The September update is today.) This is a scam, right? I notice @marcoascarvalho only joined the forum seven hours ago.

My apologies if not, but a much better pricing strategy would be $3.99 with free monthly updates. People round here go to great lengths to avoid paying for Nabu Casa, which has immediate benefits.

Edit: Not a scam, by the look of it - sorry. Here is the table of contents from Amazon:

1. Understanding Home Automation Systems
2. Getting Started with Home Assistant
3. Hands-On Project 1 – Creating Your Own Sensor
4. Hacking a Commercial Actuator to Work with Home Assistant
5. Creating Automations Using Home Assistant
6. Doing More Using Integrations and Customizations
7. Extending Home Automation Capabilities Using Add-ons
8. Installing and Setting Up Home Assistant Container
9. Hands-On Project 2 – Creating an LED Strip Controller and Adding It to Home Assistant
10. Hands-On Project 3 – Creating a Five-Zone Temperature Logger for Your Home
11. The Road Ahead in Home Automation Technologies

356 pages in paperback.

My initial comment still stands, though - which is why I am leaving this up.


Maybe an e-book subscription , with monthly updates will soon be released ? :slight_smile:

The idea of a handbook is good, but this collaborative forum, while less structured than a handbook, is more practical. While I am a fan of paying for work done, $ 31.99 seems also quite excessive. I wish the author good luck, but not for me.

Me too. I suspect @marcoascarvalho has been trapped by the fact that there is a print on demand edition. POD involves costs which have to be covered, and the fewer you sell, the higher the costs are - if the Kindle version undercuts it too much he won’t sell anything in paperback.

Maybe he’s going for the Christmas market. I still have several Raspberry Pi howto books given me years ago.

Is there a Smart Home magazine? Ideal Home did a feature at the beginning of this year.

I think that his intentions are good but not the format. Make it a website that is frequently updated. There is also demand for not-advanced techies (like me) who are willing to pay for someone to help them with specific HA issues. A paid-for remote assistance would be nice.

Sorry for being critical: you signed up here 7 days ago as a new user.
So you never had any issues with HA and now you are selling a book about this?!

I really wonder what a book can add to all the info that is out there…
Someone who buys it will most likely not have an identical setup as what you cover and will probably land here anyway.

Yeah I tend to agree, something like a website/blog (you can always monetize those as well) makes more sense considering how quickly things change in the space. One breaking change, and the chapter no longer makes sense. Website/blog does require constant “work” to keep updated though and isn’t a one-and-done kinda deal.

that being said, good luck marco, sincerely…

Hi, im a student who is doing smart home based on raspberry pi home assistant as graduation project and im wondering if it is possible to get ur book to look in as a scientific source.
Cant wait to ur response! have a great day :slight_smile: