Home Assistant boot from wrong USB

Hi all,

First of all, thanks for all the help I’m been getting just from reading on this forum the last couple of years.

I’m running the latest version of home assistant on a SSD connected with a USB adapter to my raspberry pi 3b.

To my raspberry is also a conbee connected, this is my problem. Every time I’m doing a hard reset the raspberry doesn’t boot up. I need to remove the conbee stick and then everything is fine. This leaves me with a couple of problems, if I’m away and the power goes away my system doesn’t start again.

Is it possible to set a priority among the USB ports so home assistant doesn’t try to boot from the usb stick?


Hassio has not existed since January. Are you really running a version that old?

Thanks for your comment. I’m just so used to call it Hassio.
I’m running Home Assistant OS 5.8.

I edited the original post.