Home Assistant camera limit?

I am using the Zoneminder integration with Home Assistant. Up until today I had 6 cameras in Zoneminder working perfectly.

Today my Amcrest doorbell arrived so after I installed it, I added it’s camera to Zoneminder also, and added the new camera to a lovelace card.

Since then, Home Assistant randomly disables one of the 7 cameras.The all appear just fine in Zoneminder, but whenever I try to seem them in Home Assistant, one of them does not show a video feed. And every time I refresh it’s a different camera.

It’s like Home Assistant can’t handle more than 6 cameras, so each time I try to seem them, one of them is now showing a video feed.

I checked the Home Assistant logs, but they are clean, no errors whatsoever.
What could be the issue?


Check out this, zoneminder or the browser is limiting to 6



I never would have guessed that. Thank you.

I experience the exact same… I have 7 cams… 1 of them randomly is not updated. (just white screen).

I’m sure it is related to the browsers max of 6 simultaneously connections to same server.
This is also a problem in the Home Assistant APP.

Did you figure out a workaround?

put them on separate views.

hi, i tried different views but still have the same problem. has anyone found a solution yet?