Home assistant cannot see my usb ports in virtualbox... cannot seem to add filters correctly

Hi! Pretty much a newbie to HA here… running on a Dell Inspiron Model 3793… Using VirtualBox 7.0 with Extension PAK 7.0.6… new Sonoff Zigbee 3.0+ usb stick… Zooz ZWave+ S2 700 Series usb controller… integrated with smart things and Alexa… (smartthings now disabled,) I have a few automations running successfully… it generally seems to work… it updates properly… my zwave and zigbee stuff works well with smartthings… tuya and wiz bulbs working on HA… MyQ even works with HA…! The problem is that I cannot get my two 3.0 usb ports to pass thru to HA via virtualbox. Windows sees them without virtualbox… They supposedly need no driver… I’ve seen several references to this problem, a few YouTube videos, but I can’t get this damned thing to work… I’ve included my screen examples…

Profoundly greatful in advance!!!

are the cygnal devices my two usb ports and do i need to check one or both or them? am i using the wrong filter choice?

virtualbox usb

I’ve got a

Do I need two of the same Realtek drivers enabled for two ports? Or will one handle both? It can be turned on but seems to shut itself off… I believe I’ve installed both the add on and the integration… lol… not really sure… good times…

Only enable Uart Bridges