Home Assistant cast early if we pay?

I am getting 2 nest hubs soon and was wondering if we pay we can have the cast lovelace early thanks.


That’s not how this works…


They do say that some people are not happy with things unless they are paying for it. Case in point with this post.

Why pay? Google for catt and do it yourself. (NB this is not balloob’s implementation, but it does work).

In a way…

Sign-up and pay for Nabu Casa. Also, for developers who are doing things you like, look for their paypal/patreon/etc links and give them money.

When developers have more money, they have more time and motivation to work on things we like.

You won’t get early access, but giving people money for things that they make, that you like, is always a good idea.


I can’t agree with @Silicon_Avatar any less. It is very important to support financially/technically the implementations that you like. It gives motivation to developers to code and everybody end up with a very good refined product. At the end of the day, software cost time/money now you can get it for free from enterprises like google where they abuse every piece of data they have from you and make money off of it, or you can support open source project like HA and be king of your home automation.

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It sounds as if you are agreeing with @Silicon_Avatar. So do I, but this particular desire can be achieved now for free.

Home assistant doesn’t have any easy way to donate other than via Nabu Casa.


It seems everyone is mostly on the same page.

My problem is with the perception that one person could put their pet issue ahead of the line by paying. It feels sort of like bribery. That may benefit the giver and receiver of the bribe, but bribery rarely benefits the general public.

The reason we (both users and developers) are here is because this is NOT a commercial product. The idea of open source appeals to us for whatever reason. Making it into a pay-to-play system where the one who pays the most gets to choose the direction would probably turn most of us away from this project.

I understand the sentiment; wanting to support the parts of the product which you find most helpful. Nothing wrong with that, and the way to do that was already mentioned. It’s the way the question was framed which came across as a negative.

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Who would you be paying here?

You are right. I was tired when i wrote this im sorry i wasnt thinking straight. If i want something to work, I will wait or make it work by myself, since it is on github anyway.

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Beautiful interface, using the interface, people will pay for the author, similar to WordPress skin

If the author spends time and energy, make a practical skin. I am willing to pay for it to make this community more perfect.

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Money is totally how things work. I guarantee if he threw $5k at balloob it would be out stat.

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Can someone close this stupid bloody thread?


Closed it. It is ready when it is ready.