Home Assistant Cast No Longer Showing Picture Entity and Picture Glance Cards?

Was support for casting Picture Entity Cards from a dashboard to ChromeCast removed or something?

I have a dedicated screen with a chromecast and an automation set up to cast from HA to this device a dashboard of my home. It consists of several cards such as the Tesla-Style Energy Card and a bunch of Picture Entity cards that are fed from UniFi protect, so it shows a static image of the camera that updates every 10 seconds and then shows data from the corresponding entity (e.g. thermometer) or a bunch (door and lock status, moion, etc.).

I’ve made no changes since updated to 2023.2.5 a few days ago, but this morning the image on the screen only contains the Tesla-Style Energy Card and all of the Picture Entity and Picture Glance cards are missing. I’ve rebooted all devices, confirmed the dashboard being cast has those items properly configured, but it continues to refuse to show Picture Entity and Picture Glance cards via Home Assistant Cast.

However, Area Cards do work and show the static image from the camera feed for that room. While this workaround works for some of my cards, it’s now missing a considerable amount of information.

Any idea what’s changed and what I can do to fix this?


I am having the same issue of cards have disappeared on my casting dashboard. Mine is no longer displaying gauges or regular entity cards but all my custom cards are displaying just fine. Everything is there if accessed through a browser or even on the app. But gone when casting through google. :woman_shrugging:

I use Nest Hubs and am undergoing the same. Half of my dashboards are missing (mushroom cards) but then again not all of them… I upgraded from 2023.2.0 to 2023.2.5. Restore does not make a difference

Same here. Half my content is missing, but oddly enough it’s only the normal/regular entities and not the custom cards/graphs.

Yep, same here, dashboard on my two google nest displays are missing most cards, happened a couple of days ago. I think it could be an issue with Nabu Casa as casting is a Home Assistant cloud feature. I’ve a raised a support ticket with them, let’s see what happens.

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Glad (well not that glad) it’s not just me!

Hopefully gets sorted, Lenovo displays are pretty integral in my setup

Put a post in the 2023.5 announcement blog as well 2023.2: How can I Assist? - #440 by DBM

Same issue here, a view with 18 cards now only has 2 showing. I haven’t updated in a long time, still on 2022.9.6. I started seeing the issue on 2/23/23

Same issue here. I cast my dashboard to google nest hub…i am not sure when this started happening…Missing cards, elements , official or not.

Same here. Problem casting cards to chromecast. Apexcards works fine!

Same problem here. It happened after updating. On my Google Nest Hub 2nd gen.

This is fixed in the latest beta!

It appears the 2023.3 update fixed this issue as indicated by the beta builds.


You have to use local path to the picture and not url.


type: picture-elements
image: /local/Floor Plan.jpg

Oh…okay, I’m just struggling with my own problems.