Home Assistant causing high load on my pfSense Firewall since 3 days

As in the title, my HA installation causes high load on my firewall since some days.

Ive tried to figure it out, but idk where to start. Ive just seen on my firewall that i have many outgoing connections to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud servers coming fom HA.

I hope somebody here can help me to figure out what causes HA to load my firewall so bad.

When i shut down HA, no more load on the firewall, so its clear that its coming from HA.

Hi, what kind of HA setup do you run?
Do you know what has changed since this behavior, where there automatic updates?
Are you using custom cards/integrations?

You could, by elimination, disable these to see if it comes from there.

Probably best to explain what you’re running on home assistant. Integrations and addons specifically.

I bet it’s the home assistant OS dns container going nuts. Search on here and I’ll find a thread I posted in recently with the same problem. The container bugs out and issues like 10 million dns requests and hour and causes a high load on your router. You’ll need to disable something in the HA terminal. Goes away after that.

Edit: here you go High CPU load hassio_dns Container - #9 by CentralCommand

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I mean possibly? But two things:

  1. I believe I fixed that and it shouldn’t do runaway healthchecks like that anymore
  2. It was to cloudflare and the author is seeing massive calls to aws and azure, totally different clouds