Home Assistant Cloud > Alexa + Humidity Sensor

System Info:

System is running in Docker on a Mac mini running Debian 10. This is Hassio in docker. ESPHome is a Hassio Add-on. I am using the current stable edition of ESPHome.

Problem: When I go to Configuration > Home Assistant Cloud > Alexa > Manage Entities, my Humidity Sensors do not show in the list at all. Home Assistant does see them, and give accurate readout of the value, so this isn’t an ESPHome issue. The entity in Home Assistant is not disabled, or “hidden”.

I have looked at the Alexa Configuration document on Nabu Casa, and it shows that the domain “sensor” is an acceptable use, which the humidity sensor is. That documentation does not state any caveat about what type of sensors can be shown/exposed. I’ve also seen all of my Synology sensors exposed to Alexa.

I have configured 2 separate devices with Temp and Humidity. The temperature sensor shows fine in the Manage Entities under Alexa, but no humidity.

Can someone please advise to me if Humidity is not something that can be exposed, and why?

It seems rather basic to me… The sensor has a value. In this case it is arranged as a 2 digit number and a %. But I admit, I’m not a programmer/coder. So can someone tell me what’s wrong here, and give me some factual doc showing so?

I have asked in Discord, and searched the community for similar, but nothing of substance was found.

Thanks in advance.

Did you ever find out if thats possible or not?

Unfortunately not.

It also happens to me.
I have a Broadlink RM4 mini and the HTS2 cable that measures temperature and humidity.
Both entities are created correctly inside of HA, however, only the temperature is displayed in the “Manage Entities” list under Alexa (Cloud).

Well i finally using Assistant cloud and now i cant use the humidity sensor…