Home assistant cloud drive mounted status


I am running home assistant on an Ubuntu server using docker.

I mount my cloud drive in my /home directory which appears as a folder called cloud_drive. If the drive is mounted correctly there’s heaps of files in this folder. If it hasn’t mounted, then the folder is empty.

I want to add an indicator to my Lovelace dashboard to turn green if there’s files in there or red if there’s no files in there (this way I can tell if my cloud drive is mounted or not)

I also have a text file in another folder which has some text in there stating when a backup last took place. For example “Last backup 11/3/20 at 08:00am”. If a backup fails the file might say “ Last backup 11/3/20 at 08:00am. Backup failed 11/4/20 at 08:00am” is there any way to read this font into the dashboard too?