Home assistant cloud nabu casa not reachable error from Google Home

For last few days im getting frequent error message whenever i ask my GH to turn on or off something, saying HA cloud at Nabu Casa is currently unavailable.

Did anyone else noticed it recently?

I am getting this pretty often as well. Not sure how to fix.

Same problem here. Started about 3 days ago. Google Home and Amazon Alexa both have problems with Nabu Casa.

Wonder if anyone looking into this

Same here, I get errors all the time…

Did anyone ever resolve this I’m still getting it…

Same problem here, this issue appears to be mentioned for at least the last 18 months or so with no fix

due to this issue i stopped using cloud for my home assistant integration with GH rather using manual setup for google home integration and it’s working far better. with cloud failure rate was above 95% while without cloud success rate is above 95%, rest 5% i guess can still live with.

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