Home Assistant Cloud, Philips Hue and Alexa

So my Philips Hue bridge (and lights) are connected to Alexa and it’s been like that for over a year. Switching my Smartlife plugs to Tasmota this month was easy but because of the way my Moe’s 3 Way light switches work in Tasmota (control the light through one relay but the light output is through another relay), to make them work correctly in Alexa, I have to go through Home Assistant Cloud (since the switch only works correctly with MQTT).

Because I want to see my Philips Hue lights in Home Assistant, I had to pair my bridge to Home Assistant and now, my Hue lights are showing twice in Alexa (the original bridge and Home Assistant Alexa integration skill).

So my question is, is there a way to prevent Home Assistant from publishing my Hue lights to Alexa? If not, if I remove the Hue bridge integration in Alexa but keep the Home Assistant integration intact, will I loose anything on the Alexa side?


I read more on this and according to what I read, I should have a


configuration but in my hass.io installation, I see no ‘cloud:’ anywhere in the config files. I’m using Home Assistant Cloud, could that be why? If so, how do you hide devices to Alexa in Home Assistant Cloud?


The cloud: part is required for Nabu Casa (aka Home Assistant Cloud), especially if you want to manually configure it like you. Here is the relevant docs page: https://www.nabucasa.com/config/amazon_alexa/

The HA cloud has an option to enable or disable what alexa can see.
Once you turn them off you still have to manually remove them from alexa app.
I did that for all the stuff it doesn’t need to see as the list of devices in the alexa app was too much to scroll through when I want to find something to put in a group.

Thank you both. I used “Managed Entities” under Alexa in “Home Assistant Cloud” configuration. Now I have to delete all the stuff it added :astonished:

Actually, going through the devices in Amazon’s Alexa devices home automation web page (mine is .ca, adjust yours accordingly) and sorting by newest made that task very easy. It even allowed me to do some needed clean up as well :grinning:

Yep I had 236 device now down to a reasonable 74.
Don’t think Alexa need to control a repeat switch on an echo via HA, I’m sure she know where it is