Home Assistant Cloud

I had gotten the cloud with Alexa working successfully however a few days ago I noticed Alexa not being able to respond to the commands. I noticed that when I go into configuration/home assistant cloud and see that it is stuck on connecting. Like I said it had been working an was successfully connected. I am not sure when exactly the problem started. I know this is in beta but wanted to know if anyone had an idea.

I saw this on the Google+ Page recently, may be applicable:

Home Assistant Cloud users: a misconfiguration will cause the cloud to stop working after 30
days. We have fixed the config but can’t fix existing setups. Do these steps:

Alexa: disable and re-enable the skill and log back in
Home Assistant: log out of the cloud and log back in.


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I will give it a try again. Recently I have to leave cloud: empty and expose all entities. When I try to customize the filter nothing happen. I will try disable and re-able also log-in and out from HA.

Thank you so much for your advice.

Show no error, but still expose all entities.

Cloud see all the devices / what I have put in exlcude are offline the rest without offline.

Thanks that made the difference.