Home Assistant Cluster / Multi-Node support

Hi there,

sometimes I find limitations in the use of Home Assistant that are not limitations of Home Assistant itself but limitations of protocols or technologies.

For example:
I own several Xiaomi MiFlora sensors and some smart thermostats for my heaters. Both of them are distributed all over the house and both of them use BLE for their communication.

The problem I have now is the following: I can setup the MiFlora component in Home Assistant but the RaspberryPi I’m running Home Assistant on is too far away from some of the sensors to communicate with them, especially when they are located in the garden or the sunroom which is also behind a thick wall.

Now I’ve setup several additional (4) RaspberryPi’s with a BLE->MQTT Gateway to pass the information via wifi which works most of the time, but wouldn’t it be great if HomeAssistant would offer the functionality to add additional nodes, for example one on each floor of the house, all running with the same configuration and working together?

This would reduce the number of programs that are necessary to extend the range of home assistant and would be a great benefit for larger installations.

Like this?

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