Home Assistant Community Add-on: GoX32 mixer

So, anyone use a Behringer X32 mixer?

I’ve written a GoLang app that syncs your mixer to HA via MQTT.

I’ll be soon creating a proper add-on for
It, but for now its a standalone app that will sync everything that happens on your mixer to your HA instance.

It will only create new endpoints as they turn up, otherwise it could flood HA with MQTT messages.

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oh this is sooo close to what I’m looking for. I get the feeling the XR18 is very similar to the X32.

Any chance you can adapt it to the XR18-AIR?

All the documentation is here: Behringer | Product | XR18

The XR18 is quite identical to the X32 rack, and X32 - just that the extents, (number of channels, etc), are different.
All these things can be configured in the json config, so no code change.

If you get it running, then have a look at the $HOME/.Go32/points/*.json files.

I don’t have ready access to an XR8 atm, so can’t test this.

Yeah ok… I have absolutely no idea how to install it HAHA… I might have to wait for some kind of HACS version? or some instructions LOL

Does this allow you to remotely control volume levels per channel?

Still hoping someone knows how to add it as a rep in HACS and make it available for things like the Air18

Did this happen to get any traction… anyone able to take up the challenge?

I’ve been working on my other HA addon, but will have a chance over Christmas to look at this one.

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haha kewl… can’t wait to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

One of the issues I was facing was with the fact that the X32 potentially can create over 70,000 mqtt points. So I’ll have to merge a lot of them.

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Just want to say this is a really cool integration that I never thought of. I have an XR18 but don’t use it that often. Might break it out and leave it running just to play with this. Thanks!

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Keeping an eye on this, hoping to see this get a bit more fleshed out so I can add the X32 we use at work to our HA instance to add some more automation to our meetings.

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Just here to let you know that I am also keeping my eye on this. Using the Behringer X32 Core at Work and it would be absolutely awesome if they could be integrated in HA! Looking forward to it, thank you!

This is AMAZING and EXACTLY what I am looking for. Haven’t quite figured out how to install it yet but I have hacked something similar (but much worse) for use in Indigo (another home control software) using the X32 command line apps. This is truly great! Hoping I can make it work very soon!

I’m interested in this too! Planned on building my own little go between for my X-air 18 and HA as I’d like to use it to control different audio levels around my garden zones.

If this works then I might use this istead! :sweat_smile: