Home assistant compability with smart switch


I am going to start automating my house and wanted to know is HA smartswitch spec? As locally here dont have the brands listed and would love to know how standard of things work

Hope i get some info from this community!!

Look at the Integrations page for “brand compatibility”.

For specific advice, we’d need to know what country you’re in. In the UK, for example, these Gosund plugs are still ESP8266-based and can be flashed with Tasmota or ESPHome for flexible local control. Many units are moving over to a different microcontroller that is not (yet) flashable with custom firmware.

I am located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the brands are mostly not available and even if its available its going to be pretty expensive :slight_smile:

What brand would you like to use?

I am thinking about this brand : BARDI Smart Switch EU 2, local brand stated its powered by Tuya?

I think you need to install a custom firmware on it, like ESPHome or Tasmota.

For Tasmota, It seems like your switch is compatible: https://templates.blakadder.com/bardi_smart_wallswitch_2.html

I just bought a Gosund switch and will go trough the process of flashing it with Tasmota this week… I’m not sure yet if it’s easy or not.

do you mean I have to flash the bardi smart switch? I have no clue on that at all

Well you said it’s based on tuya? If that is the case, then, there is an integration for that in HA :slight_smile:

based on this pic :

its based on Tuya :smiley:

am I good to just use it?

To be honest I’m not sure how Tuya is working, but this how I think it will work:

  1. You install the tuya app and you add your device inside this app
  2. In Home Assistant, you add the Tuya integration
  3. Inside the Tuya integration, you will probably need to link HA with your Tuya account
  4. Once everything is done, objects inside your Tuya account will be available inside HA.

The downside is the fact that everything goes first on the Tuya cloud and then come back in HA. If you flash your device, you will not even need this integration and data will stay local.

But it’s an easy setup.