Home Assistant Companion App to do Full Screen and Camera Like Kiosks

id like to see the Home assistant companion due full screen… like a real kiosk programs like
Fully Kiosk Browser & App lockdown in the App store for android…

so for my samsun tablet it can fully take the screen and have the option if you walk by the camera will turn the display on…

some ideas for the companion app… as i use it for the cell phone… but tried it on the Samsung A7 tablet 10 inch and it was ideas i was thinking…
so get rid of bottom bar and the top bar of the battery etc

Why not just use Fully Kiosk Browser, it integrates nicely into HA?

ah ok… ya i tried … i just figured since there was a HA companion app that it be a feature to request in it… to go full screen…

only tried the fully kiosk browser a little . i used to computer monitor and not a tablet… so havent practiced much of anything

but figured id ask

you can already go full screen in the app today, go to Configuration > Companion App and enable full screen

What about for non-Android Apple devices?

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Configuration → Companion App → General → Full Screen

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Tried the built in full screen on iOS but it doesn’t seem to work. When I selected full screen the only thing that appeared in full screen was the settings screen. So, I wasn’t able to navigate to any of my actual Dashboards. Then when I terminated the app and reopened it everything was back to being windowed, even though full screen was still toggled.