Home Assistant Companion App: Unable to connect


After a fresh install of home assistant, I am able to connect to my Home Assistance instance locally from web browser (Pc and phone). The problem is when I am trying to use the mobile app.

If I open the app, it autodetects my home Assistance instance, I configure my credentials, then it asks for the ubication configuration and after that It always show the error “Unable to connect to Home Assistant”.

I have tried:

  • Clean data of the app, reinstall app, etc.
  • Check that I using Google WebView in my phone.
  • My configuration.yaml includes the default_config line, external_url and internal_url lines.

In the apps logs (I only can reach the app configuration if I disable internet in my phone), It only shows the next error repeated everytime I try to connect:

08-01 09:31:17.155 15223 15602 D UrlRepository: localUrl is: false and usesInternalSsid is: false
08-01 09:31:17.178 15223 15223 D WebviewActivity: No unique cases found to override

Sorry but English is not my native language.

Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone!!

Update: I can connect using Ariela App

Please reproduce the issue then grab the logs to look at the actual failure.