Home Assistant Companion App - When using Cloudflared Remote

I have the iOS Home Assistant App.

I have setup remote access to my HA instant using Cloudflared. On my external URL I hide my HA instant login page behind Cloudflare’s Zero Trust One Time PIN requirement to increase security.

The HA Instant is picking up all my iPhone sensor details when I am on my local WiFi network. It is not, however, picking up any of my iPhone sensor details when I am on another network (which is really annoying as I want to see the location of my iPhone for automations). I have added the external URL to the companion app and it shows as “Connected”. I can still use the HA iOS app as normal remotely - but it is just the iPhone sensors which are not updating.

Can anyone help please?


The iOS app does not support authenticating reverse proxies like this. You’ll need to add an exception or use the VPN component of Cloudflare. The frontend likely works because the WebView handles redirection and setting cookies, but everything else the app can do does not support this.


I managed to find a fix - see last post at Feature Request: Custom Request Headers · home-assistant/iOS · Discussion #1722 · GitHub

Thanks again