Home Assistant Companion Location Update and Zones delayed

Dear Community,

I would like to use some automations together with geo-fencing.

I got HA running and Companion App installed on my Xiaomi Smartphone (root @miui custom rom).

I gave allowed all permissions for the companion app, especially battery saver exceptions and that it is allowed to get the background gps location.

Home Assistant is getting a location from Companion app but it is delayed by one up to several ours and I can’t seem to find out whats the problem.

I checked in the app that the sensor “geo-located location” changes very quickly and correctly if I change my location.

but the entity device_tracker that is supposed to work together with my geo-zones like home and work does not utilize the changes, in fact home assistant shows me I am still at home whereas I am at work for several hours (I use a VPN to log into HA at home and find out it thinks I am still home).

I posted some screenshots of my app configuration.

Can anybody help?

Thank you!!

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Just wanted to follow this thread as I’m having similar issues. On Android, the location updates sometimes, then other times it won’t for an hour. On iOS it rarely updates if at all. Then on the odd occasion it’ll show movement on the map, albeit from a while beforehand.

Really has crippled any chance of running location/zone based rules :frowning:

For me the error was at a different place:

I had the server settings configured incorrectly. For location updates to work you need the nabu casa cloud subscription and enter your individual home assistant address in app settings.
After I did that location updates work very accurate tbh (on Android).
Hope this helps