Home Assistant Companion Location Update and Zones delayed

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Dear Community,

I would like to use some automations together with geo-fencing.

I got HA running and Companion App installed on my Xiaomi Smartphone (root @miui custom rom).

I gave allowed all permissions for the companion app, especially battery saver exceptions and that it is allowed to get the background gps location.

Home Assistant is getting a location from Companion app but it is delayed by one up to several ours and I can’t seem to find out whats the problem.

I checked in the app that the sensor “geo-located location” changes very quickly and correctly if I change my location.

but the entity device_tracker that is supposed to work together with my geo-zones like home and work does not utilize the changes, in fact home assistant shows me I am still at home whereas I am at work for several hours (I use a VPN to log into HA at home and find out it thinks I am still home).

I posted some screenshots of my app configuration.

Can anybody help?

Thank you!!