Home Assistant Companion

I’m using Home Assistant since a while including several information data coming from different Companion Apps installed on several Android devices. I mainly use them for providing location and WiFi connection information to determine where is the device and triggering some automations (i.e. arming alarms/cameras/etc).
Typically everything is proceeding fine after the first installation of the companion app but after some time with apparently no change in the configuration of the device or Home Assistant the informations coming from the companion app is not valid anymore. For example the location retrived is not changing even if on the mobile device it’s updated (i.e. looking at google maps) or the WiFi connection status is not reporting the correct information (i.e. BSSID), the app seems stucked or only some info are updated (ex. quite everitime the battery info is valid). Then maybe after some days the situation came back to normal.
Provided that on all Companio Apps all the requested rights are granted (as per the troubleshooting guide) to avoid the app to be blocked in background etc… I’m asking the community a suggestion on how to debug the situation on the Home Assistant Server. I read about logging capabilities but is there a way to debug the messages coming from the specific companion app when it updates the sensor to understand if it’s the app to send wrong or not updated data?

Thanks in advance

data comes android APIs. Are you certain the data is wrong and not just outdated? What devices are you seeing this issue on? if its samsung then make sure to double check all settings as Samsug does add additional settings not mentioned.

have you check the companion app logs to see if an error is occurring? Settings > Companion app > troubleshooting > show and share logs

Hi dshokouhi,
yes looking @server side information are not updated but what is strange is that it involves only some parameters not all those enabled on the App (i.e. the location and WiFi related are not updated as expected whereas others are fine like for example the battery status)

yes mainly I have Samsung Android devices, do you have some specific suggestions on what to check? I spent quite enough time to check all battery saving menus or background app permissions but they seem OK and btw in some cases everithing worked for several days with no issue. Furthermore they are different Samsung models and no recent FW update.

Thanks in avance