Home Assistant Compatible IP Motion Cameras for Network Storage

Hello All,

I am looking for recommendations on a good home assistant compatible camera, based on your knowledge/experience. Here are my requirements:

  1. Purpose: front porch
  2. Motion activated recording or on-demand recording
  3. Storage on network storage (SMB, NFS, SFTP, etc. - any one of those) - on my home server
  4. No monthly subscription
  5. Wifi only. I do not have POE at this location (beating myself for not running CAT 6 cables for POE when i built the house).

I looked into Ring, Skybell, and Hello. They are expensive and I do not want to pay a subscription fee at this point.

Thanks for your time and input.

I also using a Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I for this exact thing. Using the Hikvision binary sensors in HA. Motion events sent images to my server via FTP but they support other things as well.

The only issue I have with it, is the web interface only works on my wife’s Mac in Safari. Can’t configure it in Linux which is all I have. Probably works in Windows.

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I’d second this.
I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I and it does this all too. About browser compatibility it only works in IE on Windows.
Loads of features. The newer models (e.g. DS-2CD2355FWD-I) also include face detection :open_mouth:
I’m actually looking to get a couple more in the next few weeks…

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@w1ll1am23 and @lolouk44 Thanks!. I missed a big detail. Wifi only. I do not have ethernet at the camera location. :hushed:

I am assuming your commendations won’t work. Am I right?

The recommendation I made doesn’t support WiFi but Hikvision does have cameras that are WiFi. How do you plan to power it?

Personally I stay away from Wifi. Too much susceptible to interferences / jammers. I power mine with a POE router.
Basically you need to bring at least 1 cable to power the cam, you may as well bring an ethernet cable to power is and send the data through it.
If you really want a WiFi camera, the Hikvision naming convention goes as follows:
-I: standard
-W: Wifi
-S: Sound (audio)
So you’d be looking for a -IW or -IWS model…

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I have a power outlet right next to where i put the camera. Its in the ceiling of the front porch.

I have a power outlet (on the porch ceiling) close by to power the camera. I am really beating myself for not running CAT cables to the front and back of the house, when i built the house. I can try and run cat cables now but it can be a big hassle.

i use foscam cameras. and i use blue iris for recording. it’s fairly inexpensive. you can also use zoneminder which is free. i tried it but couldn’t figure it out so i went back to blue iris.

Does ZoneMinder support audio? I use motion which doesn’t…

i have no idea.

Have a few Hikvision myself and have them in HomeAssistant, really impressed with the binary sensor add on with it! It might be a good idea for other seasoned HikVision folks to have the docs updated with additional model numbers they know work with the binary sensors.